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Playdays are DIFFERENT than sanctioned trials.  Playdays are for fun and are non-competitive.  They give us a chance to together and just have fun with the terriers in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.  NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY AND NEW FOLKS ARE VERY WELCOME! 

The Gulf Coast Jack Russell Terrier Network hosts about 3-4 full "weekend" playdays a year (weather permitting) and 2 JRTCA sanctioned trials which are held the second weekend in March in Buffalo, Texas, at the Leon County Expo Center (Please read the above JRTCA link for information on Trials).  

Our members and friends come from Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Spring, Cypress, Dallas, Denton, Baytown, Alice, Wimberley, Seguin, Roundrock, Pearland, Alvin, Galveston, Conroe and Friendswood, etc.  In general - from all over North, TX, Southeast and Central Texas.  We also have members who come from Oklahoma and Louisiana.   

Playdays require a large area that can accommodate a large group of people, parking and a spacious area for all the events. as well as some RV parking.  We generally have an attendance of anywhere from to 10 to 50 people.  Some bring a single terrier, others bring multiple terriers; all are welcome.  The price is the same if you bring one dog or five dogs.  Think...cozy and a friendly family reunion environment (without all the family drama/background, lol!). 

All Jacks and their owners are welcome to attend, no experience is necessary, just come and have fun and meet other JRT owners and their Jacks.    Also check the "Event & Playday Schedule" tab on our website.

Playdays are a way to school your novice JRT pup (no puppies under 3 months allowed), your novice or inexperienced adult, your rescue/adoptee or even your inexperienced veteran Jack.  Playdays are also for the experienced Jacks.  We are always available to make reasonable accommodations for Jacks who may have disabilities (i.e. blind, deaf, etc.) or physical restrictions - we will work with them and find something they can do, but we need to know in advance. 

NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY and new folks who have never participated in a playday are strongly encouraged to attend.  You DO have to be a member of our club in order to participate; our membership fee is $30 per year ($32.50 if you pay via PayPal).   Playdays are $15.00 per day for members and $20.00 per day for non-members.  You may join our club and the JRTCA ( at a playday. 

You can join our Club via PayPal by sending $32.50 to the club PayPal account @ or filling out the website's on-line membership application Please agree to pay the PayPal fees. GCJRTN will show up on your credit card bill or your bank statement.  Please make note of what your money is for in the message box in PayPal.  Manual membership (snail-mail) is $30.00 per year.  Make out your check GCJRTN and mail it to our Treasurer, Nancy Garcia, 8106 Winding Oak Lane, Spring, TX - 

By joining our Club, you will receive playday reminders, special event invitations, our Newsletter (please contribute; it's only published if enough articles are submitted!) and any other updates throughout the year.  You will have access to our Board of Directors and Trial Committee - a group of people who have a wealth of information and are able to assist you or answer any and all questions related to Jack Russell Terriers.  As a member, you will also enjoy the "members only" website privileges:  you can upload a photo to your website profile, check out back issues of Russell Reviews, past Texas Two Step results, and create up to 3 photo albums.

What to bring?

Bring your whole family; kids are welcome!  A lawn chair or stadium chair to sit it, a crate and some water/food for your Jack (your favorite soda or adult beverage - for you!).  Be sure to have a water bowl or bucket for your Jack(s) and treats as you see fit.  Depending on the weather, shallow dunking pools will be provided after racing to cool your Jack off if necessary.  Dress casual and prepare to get muddy and dirty!

Make sure you have a secure and well-ventilated crate or an ex-pen - consider the weather and time of year, if it's hot, you may want to bring a crate fan and Kool-Coat, and if it's cold - you may want to bring a jacket for your terrier or have a warming crate pad.  Also consider a crate cover or an ex-pen cover to block the sun.  Flexi-leashes are not allowed; instead bring a secure 4–6-foot leash.  Loose Jacks are not a good thing as not only can they be aggressive, they decide to take off and hunt; it will be hard to find him/her on 17 acres. Keep this in mind.  Do not let your terrier get close to another terrier - they may fight and become territorial while on-leash.  Use the "5 foot" rule - keep them five feet away from other terriers.

Racing requires muzzles, either the closed-cloth type or the closed basket ones.  If you are unsure of the size or type to bring, our club members will have plenty of extras on hand.  What you forget...we will have on hand.

We host a lunch come mid-day where we all get together and relax a bit, learn about each other and enjoy some good food.  A covered dish would be most appreciated.  Please keep the weather in mind, warm covered dishes are great when the weather is cool (chili, soups, beans, casseroles, etc.).  Electrical outlets are available if you want to bring a crockpot or skillet.  Refreshing salads or sandwiches are great when it's hot.  Desserts are also welcome!  Refrigeration is available.  Bottled water and all serving utensils are provided.  Use your imagination and common sense!  Bring your own alcoholic beverages to enjoy in the evening!

We strongly suggest that you only bring your Jacks.  Other breeds are discouraged; however, if you have unusual and/or special circumstance, most of the time, we are able to accommodate. The other breed (it must be small/medium and contained), must be kept away from the general activities. Prior verbal communication with the Playday host and an Executive BOD member and approval is necessary. 






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