Gulf Coast Jack Russell Terrier Network



Gulf Coast Jack Russell Terrier Network

Executive Board of Directors & Trial Committee 2022-2024

  PresidentJean Wallwin                                  Vice President - Patrick Gideons


Treasurer - Nancy Garcia                                          Secretary - Lisa Dernick                                                                      


Immediate Past President ~ David Dernick





Conformation Chairperson   Lisa Dernick ~


Go-To-Ground/Super Earth Chairpersons       

    Janet Briggs ~ 

    Sam Briggs ~      



                                                        Lure Coursing & Racing

                               Committee position is open!  Please volunteer!



                                                     Fundraising Chairperson                                                
                                                   Jean Wallwin ~



   Youth Coordinator ~ Debora Fisher

                                                           Special Events 

                             Nancy Garcia ~                           


Hospitality Chairperson

Carol McElroy ~


  Trailing & Locating and Brush Hunt

Dorothy Murray -

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